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26 OCTOBER 2018 (Toronto, ON) – Jennifer Loyola releases her sophomore Pop record, “Glimpses Of Indigo” today on all digital platforms. The album, produced by Anthony Wright, features eight songs that Loyola claims to be “essentially a journal of my past 3 years” and a tribute to her favourite 90’s and current Pop tunes. If you like songs that pander to notions of longing, lust, mental struggles, all encased in a good beat and head bobbing melodies, this record is for you. Loyola doesn’t shy away from her struggles in finding her place in the LGBTQ+ community and coming to terms with her sexuality; songs like “Try For Love”, “Think Too Much”, and “Deserve” all touch upon her desires and struggles in her early realizations about her sexuality, “I thought it’s finally time for me to talk about this because you never know who can relate. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and the most free, but it’s been a journey to get here”. Other songs deal with deeper topics, such as “Set Free” which talks about Loyola’s experience with mental illness and her latest single, “Love You All Of My Days” with finding a “forever love”.

You can watch Jennifer Loyola perform the songs from “Glimpses Of Indigo” at her album release show, happening on November 22nd at Kensington’s “Supermarket” (268 Augusta Ave, Toronto), featuring Tessah Dunn and Tafari Anthony.
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Shwarock's own J-LO, Jennifer Loyola releases 'Love You All of My Days'

Will McGuirk August 21, 2018

One thing about Shwarock City artists, only the most determined survive. Oshawa is such a deadzone for culture, creative folks either give up completely or stubbornly persevere and carve out their own path. My pal J. is walking her own path, one with a beauty soulful soundtrack. This is our Jenny from our block and this sister is doing it for herself. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. The track is from her forthcoming album, Glimpses of Indigo.




17 AUGUST 2018 (Toronto, ON) – Coming off the recent release of “Love You All Of My Days”, from her upcoming sophomore album, Jennifer Loyola’s first music video is here. Loyola’s own personal growth and journey into discovering her sexuality is represented in this touching portrayal of LGBTQ+ love: “I really wanted the video to capture real moments between a queer couple and I think it's what we need right now in our social and political climate. This isn't a fetishized depiction of lesbian love...this is a snapshot of real everyday love between two normal people.” The video is directed by L.A. Director Gavin Michael Booth and was filmed in Toronto.


Loyola has completed her upcoming album, “Glimpses of Indigo”, Produced by Anthony Wright, and is excited for listeners to hear the “complete departure from the sound from my first album”. She will be releasing the Electro-Pop album later this Fall.


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Music video directed by : Gavin Michael Booth Music & Lyrics: Jennifer Loyola Song Produced by: Anthony Wright ©2018




20 JULY 2018 (Toronto, ON) - Oshawa electro-soul sister Jennifer Loyola is releasing her new ballad, “Love You All Of My Days”, today. The track, produced by Anthony Wright, is the first single from her forthcoming album, “Glimpses of Indigo”, which will be available in the Fall.


Jennifer Loyola, born in Mexico City, grew up in the south end of Oshawa, Ontario, of a Mexican father and Canadian mother. Like fellow Oshawan Daniel Caesar she had struggled to balance the wishes of her family with pursuit of an authentic self and pride in the person she has become.


Pride is at the core of “Love You All My Days.” 


“Turning 30, it hit me that I wasn't comfortable in my skin and wasn't finding love like my friends raved about. I wasn't being kind to myself and a friend commented on it and it changed my life. She was right. I was living for what I felt others wanted from me: parents, coworkers, friends, employers. . . So then started the journey of self-care and self discovery. I had had moments of ‘crushes’ on girls over my teen years and early twenties, but I also grew up Catholic and in a town where that wasn't acceptable.” says Loyola.


Music offered an answer, from Spice Girls to Tegan and Sara, Janet Jackson to Ace of Base, Girl Power pop became her sonic guide.

“The entire album has a synth-pop sound, reflective of my love and nostalgia for 90's and even some 80's Pop. The whole point was to write songs that I loved, and connected with. Love You All of My Days has synth ballad vibe, super intimate lyrics, and I love how it came out with the help of my producer, Anthony Wright,” says Loyola.


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Is there strength in beauty?
Yes if beauty is truth.

Easy listening yes, easy on the eyes, easy on the ears but its that intangible, that essence, that is Jennifer Loyola. Its the soul in her music, the spirit of classic radio, sounds with substance, sounds with history, with herstory. In them Loyola found her truth.

Loyola grew up with those sounds and they slip under her songs cradling them, smokey, velvet songs that point to the past and to the future. Soul carried in by sisters from Detroit and brothers from Philadelphia. Working class sounds that grew from toil and sweat, adversity. Songs that celebrate the untouchable, the personal, the unique sense of self that no amount of adversity can unseat.

From the working class city of Oshawa, born to a mother of Scottish descent and a Mexican father, Loyola found a kinship, a deep connection to the songs so much so that her record Stronger Than You Know (Released February, 2011) sings to that inner strength, draws from it. Eight defiant tracks, that challenge preconceptions, notions.

Here’s that truth. Jennifer Loyola is Stronger Than You Think!
— Will McGuirk